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Start-ups or Established businesses need customers, how are you communicating with your customers?

Winning your fair share of the market place and selling more products and services than your competitors is easier than you think. Download this short step by step instruction guide to setup your own internet marketing and website. Call 01827 714753 to learn how we can help you with your business.

How Are You Communicating?

New Business or just want to start a new business, are you a serial entrepeneur? Start-ups or Established businesses need customers, how are you communicating with your customers? B2B / B2C or H2H we need to communicate and convey to our market place what we do (internet retailing is slightly different). If you exhibit at trade shows or at shows for the public this is the ultimate in brand engagement. But how are you coordinating all your marketing and communication to reinforce your brand message. The importance of the brand is not in the logo design! Let us help you win your share of the market place and sell more products and services. Call 01827 714753 to learn how we can help you with your business.

Website Solutions

You do realise that your website only serves one purpose and it can only convert traffic into sales and customers if you take specific action. Whether it's a new business or a replacement redesign of your existing website, call 01827 714753 and we'll help by providing options. Would you like to see some pretty pictures, designs, logos, prints we have created? Did you want to buy an off the shelf web design package today? Head straight over to 1and1 and give us call in 3 months when it's not working out for you! Alternatively let's not waste any time. Call to discuss the primary objectives of the business and we'll help set-up goals for your website to work. Do you know and ask the only question that will ensure your business a success.

Different Marketing Ideas

Do you know the most effective way to connect with your target market? Direct Marketing? Internet Marketing? Social Media Marketing? Scatter Gun Marketing? Rifle Shot Marketing? Megaphone Marketing?

Every business will have a different marketing action plan.

It's not just a good website that will bring you success. Expecting to win more customers and orders from just a pretty website is delusional. Increasing traffic to your website (the transaction decision making point) through direct marketing, SEO, email campaigns, social media and internet marketing is the only way to win more business.

Tick The Boxes Lead Conversion

Need help converting leads into customers? Complete the form below and we'll send you a lead conversion check list, guaranteed to convert leads into cutomers.

Marketing - SEO Strategy

Some time ago we wrote a white paper on SEO is as Dead as a Parrot. Of course this was a play on words and the intention was to highlight how to approach SEO as a strategy. How to best consider your marketing mix and whether jumping straight to CPC is the wisest move. However, this should be carefully considered and you should at the very least understand what is potentially available to your business from organic search results.

Knowing how traffic to your website is generated is worth the investment, knowing which keywords convert into sales and customers is worth its weight in gold. But we don't want to pan for fools gold do we? Get the free report now simply provide your name and email and your website.
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