Succeed by doing plain ordinary things

succeed by doing plain ordinary things marketing success is easy

Its never easy starting a business and equally its a challenge to win new business for an established business.

Awesome products and services dont sell themselves. They need a nudge in the right direction.

How do you get new business?

We received a sales call on Friday and on Monday a brochure arrived through the letter box. A very expensive way to win business? The brochure was good quality. The cost to print 500 and send out would cost £1000s but do some simple sums and it's not difficult to work out this method works for this business.

Master Email Marketing

Do you need to understand how to carry out successful email marketing? Setting up successful email marketing campaigns can be as easy as making a tasty carrot soup! You can make carrot soup? OK you peel a dozen carrots and dice. Finely chop an onion and simmer in olive oil until soft. Add herbs of choice (corriander) and then add the carrots. Simmer for 10 minutes. Add a pint of vegetable stock and you're about there! Blitz the soup about 30 minutes later.

Distruptive Journalists The New SEO Ad Men!

New SEO Journalist Ad Men

Last year the Ebook 'Is SEO as Dead as a Parrot' was published by Author Andrew Maynes. It was part factual and part tongue in cheek, with the intention to highlight the shift in ad spend with a twist. Free traffic from search engines is a thing of the past in terms of ROI. Effective Marketing however is a marvel. Using the right strategy a good flow of high quality traffic will yield desirable fruits.

So why this short article?

Simple, it valids everything that was highlighted in "Is SEO as Dead as a Parrot" In particular The New SEO Ad Men are Journalists!

SEO Fools Gold

Do you have something that people need?

If you search on the internet for your product and service what do you type in to the search engines?

The words you use to search for your own products and services are not always going to be the same words that other people use.

Yet, when you see the results your desire is to have your own website in place of those you deem to be competitors.

Is this a mistake?

Is SEO Ethical?

Spammer Matt Cutts

Is Matt Cutts the Worlds most Prolific Spammer or just an Ad man?

Products and Services need to be in the faces of people ready to buy. Products and Services need to be constantly promoted.

Whether buyers of products and services are taunted by icons brands they desire but cant afford or we're teased by trickery with hidden magical powers of products we have never heard of, the challenge for business owners in the same. Sell more!

What is it worth to truly understand SEO

Most SEO experts and gurus will admit that the the process of learning SEO is on-going. If not because it is constantly evolving but because the goal posts change too!

Understand which method and technique to practice and how to setup the solid foundations for every SEO campaign is not difficult to do. Google webmaster tools for example has an extensive library of help files for any budding SEO person to read through for FREE. Does this mean SEO is FREE? NO, SEO is not free.

The SEO Merry-Go-Round - Fun Fair

Have you been to the Fun Fair recently? Have you jumped on a ride and loved it so much you decided to jump on again?

A long time ago, around the turn of the century I watched a carousel ride at St James Park London just off The Mall and decided to work out the revenue the ride would make on a good day. Do you think you can work out how much revenue a Fun Fair Ride would make on a good day?